Friday, November 24, 2017

Momentum without an end date!

I have continued to work on my master closet and the adjoining bathroom throughout the month of November.  I am pleased with the progress and realize that this is truly a work in progress and will continue for some time.  My closet drawers are organized and have remained so for more than a month.  The neat and organized drawers has been very satisfying and it has not been difficult maintaining them.  To be one hundred percent transparent though, I still have stuff I'm holding on to that should be released and that is where more time will be required.  I'm trying to rotate clothes so that I'm wearing things I haven't worn for a while.  There have been some instances that as soon as I put the item on I realize that I don't love it and someone else will.  And that will be my process for the next month or so.  I also have boxes on the floor still and will be going through those to sort and weed out things I do no use, do not need, do not want, and can give away or throw away in some cases.  That will also take some time (which gratefully I have)!

The bathroom is so much neater and that is a really good feeling.  Unlike the drawers, I have to work harder to keep the counters neat -- it is so easy to lay or stack stuff on the bathroom counters and forget about it.

In November I made several trips to Goodwill so that once something is identified as a give away, I'm moving it on quickly.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

A look back at October ...

I accomplished a lot in October but not as much as I had planned to.  I had big expectations of completing the master closet, the office, and my digital clutter in my email inbox.  Well, I did get started in all three areas but my goal to complete them all was not met.  It's definitely not the end of the world, and I have learned that it takes baby steps to get to the finish line and so although I didn't meet my deadline of October, I plan to continue the work until the job is done.

Working on clutter is challenging.  The thing that keeps me going is the feeling of lightness that is derived from releasing stuff.  It is truly a freeing feeling and I do have a vision of having only what I really need or love and having a place for everything.

Here are some of my 27 things groupings from my closet.  Most things I have given to Goodwill but there are some really nice things I have been able to share with friends.  That is a bonus to the whole process.  It is amazing how easily you move on once you make the decision to let go of something.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Closet Progress

Progress is being made and although I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, I do know that the light is there!  There is something about cleaning out a closet that makes a truism out of the old saying "it gets worse before it gets better."  I'm at that point!  Decisions, decicions, about junk, about shoes, about clothes, about where to store things, etc.

The pictures below are as of October 8th and I'd spent about 6 hours working in the closet.  I've since spent another 6 hours on this project and it is definitely coming along.  All of the drawers were cleaned out and now are organized in a way that works for me.  One drawer has all of my scrarves and I will not buy (repeat I will not buy) any more scarves until I release some of those I currently own.  One drawer has my swimsuits and pajamas, another has my bras and panties and another has my yoga clothes.  Finally I have a drawer that has winter mufflers, cuddleduds, gloves, and socks.  It works and I like having everything organized to suit my needs.

As of October 8, 2017 - still trying to figure out how to use this space

As of October 8, 2017 - I will probably use containers in this section to hold items

As of October 8, 2017 I found the floor!  

Two big bags of clothing to Goodwill on October 8, 2017

I've sorted through a number of clothing items and easily decided they would go to Goodwill.  I'm now getting to items that are more difficult to part with even if I haven't worn them.  The feeling is I may wear them someday.  I've organized things I do wear in one section of the closet for ease and I think I will have a section for those things I'm not ready to part with.  Although it would be great to totally bite the bullet, this project may have a transition phase and frankly, that is okay.  The fact is it is getting done and I am making decisions!

Monday, October 2, 2017

The Dreaded Closet

My closet is like a vacuum that sucks stuff in and then piles it up until I can no longer walk in it or really find anything.  This takes time mind you -- it does not happen over night.  The weird thing is you learn to live with it, tolerage the clutter, stop seeing the clutter, stop looking for stuff, and close the closet door to feel better.  So the clearing of the closet is one of my projects for October.  And I have faith that I will conquer my closet and make it functional and it will look good too!  I'm smiling as I write this because I have conquered my closet in the past but unless you continuously give it care and attention it reverts back to a monster of a job!  Anyway I did work in the closet today and got some things started.  I know it will take a lot of time and I think 27 hours as a goal or target is not to many and I may need more.  Lets face it, if  it was easy to do it would already be done.  So here are my before pictures so that I have a very clear record of where I started.  I know the after pictures will be amazing!!

Lots of shelving for different items - I just need to figure out what!

This shot doesn't look bad until you look at the floor.

Shelving is not currently used to maximize space.  This is going to take some thought.

All the shoe boxes were an earlier attempt at organizing but now most
 are empty and shoes  are scatterered throughout the closet!

What is that?  Just a pile of junk or maybe it isn't junk but the way it is
 piled up there it sure seems like junk!

Uh -- the floor?

This doesn't look too bad - Christmas boxes stored neatly at top of closet.

Again, the boxes are neatly stored and the space is utilized efficiently (I think)!

Not sure about these boxes - they may be tossed in the clean-up.

So today I started with a big bag of Christmas stuff on the floor of the closet.  I have a clear plastic tub in the garage that has a few Christmas things in it so I brought it upstairs and began going through the bag.  OMG I found the Cookie Recipe Cards I have scoured the house for and thought they had disappeared.  Well they disappeared into the bag but I can't believe it has almost been a year since I've looked in that bag.  Most everything is stuff I want to keep and I very easily packed it in the tub and took it outside.  One bag down.

Next I took items off one shelf.  Most of the items were purses and I know at least one that I will donate.  There are two nice wallets I want to keep as well.  On that same shelf were several pair of shorts and about five t-shirts.  I will try those on but most likely they will be donated.  I also found two long sleeved sport shirts I wore in 2016 when I would walk and for this walking season I could not find them.  Well FOUND THEM!  Haha this may be fun.  I'm trying to keep my sense of humor about this whole thing.  It will feel so good to declutter the closet.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Challenge

This month I have several challenges and will tackle them over the next 31 days.  I plan to track this in my 27 things fashion so planning and tracking will be done hourly.

Challenge #1:  My closet and it is indeed a challenge.  I'm planning on spending 27 hours this month on that project and although that may seem like a lot of time I'm worried that in fact it will not be enough.  We shall see!  Tomorrow I will post pictures of the closet in its current unbelievable state and then as I see progress I will post that in pictures as well.  I have a nice big closet and my husband uses another closet in a 2nd bedroom so I have absolutely no excuse for the condition my closet it currently in.  I'm actually excited to take this project on!  How is that for positive thinking.

Challenge #2:  Our shared office which was in good order several months ago but has become a cluttered mess - at least my side of the office has become that way.  I plan on spending at least 9 hours in this room over the month and I think that is a fair assessment of what I'll need to get the office organized and streamlined.

Challenge #3:  Last month I participated in the Motivated Moms cleaning challenge on Facebook and Susan has extended the challenge to October.  My goal is to work on the task list that is provided each week.  Overall I think it will take 2 hours a day for a total of 62 hours.  I found that following the list in September really made a difference in keeping the overall house clean and neat and under control.

Challenge #4:  My email has gotten totally out of control and digital clutter is clutter that weighs as heavily on one as physical clutter.  I expect that it will take between 12-15 hours to clear that clutter and update my unroll-up app and file important emails in their proper places.

Okay I feel comfortable that these challenges are within my ability to do without totally stressing me out!  Bring it on!!

Release of our Storage Unit

When we cleaned out the Lillie house to put it on the market we got rid of a lot of stuff.  However given our time constraints, and also that some of the stuff we had was our daughters stuff, we rented a storage unit.  In our 40 years together we had never rented a storage unit and were concerned that once you have one you never get rid of it.  The rental was through August 31 but we extended it one month to September 30 and we are now storage unit free!  It was a lot of work but we did it. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Garage - the Last Frontier!

The garage was the last vestige of junk, clutter, and stuff we needed to deal with.  Some of it was trash and that was easy.  Some of it was worth taking to Goodwill or giving to my brother for a garage sale and that got accomplished.  It took weeks though to get it cleared out and we actually had to leave some big things in the garage while we were on our trip with the understanding we would get it all cleared out when we got home.  There were several big appliances - a stove and a refrigerator that we gave to our neighbors.  There was a dresser and shoe rack that was given to a good friend for her roommate.  We sold the armoire and table on 209 Craigslist.  A lot of stuff ended up in our storage and that is something we still need to deal with but that will be in the future.